Music & Sound Productions

Composition, recording, mixing, mastering & delivery

CGF:LAB records in studio or with a mobile setup for various locations. This includes live concert recording for example via the PA console infrastructure.

We do mix of any kind of music recorded in either the stutio or live.

CGF:LAB also fully cover the mastering process, which dictates the need for a tighly calibrated reference sound in the studio.

We deliver to any kind of media

  • Streaming
  • Vinyl
  • CD
  • TV
  • Web
  • Cinema
  • From stereo to Atmos immersive sound format

Film productions

Film script, filming, editing, color grading & delivery.

Sound recording & mixing.

CGF:LAB is a huge fan and find great joy in story telling and this relates to both picture and sound since we adopted picture to our services in 2009.

Since then we have worked on commercials, documentaries, concerts and infomercials.

CGF:LAB covers 

  • Camera, filming, studio and on-location
  • Edit
  • Color grading
  • Sound mix

  • Sound restoration

  • Voice optimization

Delivery to 

  • Web
  • TV
  • Cinema
  • From stereo to Atmos immersive sound format

Restoration and forensics

All sorts of audio signal optimization

CGF:LAB has great experience and has the best and latest tools for restoration and forensics jobs. We even have the option of using research tools for the task if the needed method hasn't been invented yet.

  • Recording clean-up
  • Voice optimization
  • Reduction of noise, hum, clip, click, HF...
  • Source separation
  • Re-mix of instruments in a stereo track
  • Restoration of old recordings on e.g. casette tape

Voice productions

Podcast, audio books, commercials, infomercials, radio theatre, personal development

The human voice is for obvious reasons often considered the most important sound source we can think of. You can see the voice as an instrument performing its art, a great voice is often at least as complex and informative as when the best musicians play their instrument and we learn from childhood to decode all this information with great precision. 

Speech intelligibility, voice dynamics and personality all needs to translate well to the playback situation, which might be challenged by bad recording, backgound noise in the playback situation, bad speakers e.g. in flat TV screens, uneven playback levels and the list goes on.

CGF:LAB enjoy great voices and is experienced in optimizing the voice for the specific media and its related playback situations.