CGF:LAB since 1999

From the beginning in 1999 the studio was fully digital from microphone to speakers and based on a Pentium II Windows computer with Creamware's Pulsar DSP system.

Today's setup is Mac based with Dynadio AIR series in a 5.1.4 Atmos setup with Dirac room calibration.
Recording via DPA Microphones, Gyraf channel strip and TC Electronic System 6000 AD/DA converters.
Effects from SSL, Sonnox, TC Electronic, iZotope, Steinberg, Fabfilter, Waves, UAD, Acon, Audionamix.

Christian G. Frandsen

Owner, sound/film engineer

Christian was drowned in live music since the age of 3 and started playing drums at an early age. He has played live for many years and in the late 90ties started writing his own music, which was an eye opener. Wtih CGF:LAB he has been lucky to be challenged in many different aspects of sound and film production, some of which you can see in the clients list.

The experience cover music and film production, audio books, radio theatre, commercials, restoration, forensics, streaming, TV, cinema, stereo to Atmos and live sound.

While CGF:LAB is a spare time job, Christian's dayjob  has been at TC Electronic R&D since 1996 developing professional audio products for music studios, live stage, musicians, film and TV production.